Bogota (Colombia)

We provide professional translation and interpretation services in Bogota, Colombia and all around the world.
At Words and Co, we work with professional and qualified interpreters to offer services tailored to our clients’ needs. We cover multiple languages worldwide and so for a wide range of subjects.
With over 5000 linguists specializing in all sorts of fields, rest assured that we can find the right interpreter to assist your company with any language service you may require.
Our Bogota based interpreters specialize in a variety of fields, including Legal, Medical, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Education, Environment, Business, Finance, Medias and many more.
Our professional interpreters can assist your business with whatever interpretation services you may require, such as Conference or Business Services Interpretation, as well as in many specialist fields such as Renewable Energy, Global Issues and Life Sciences.
For your conferences in Bogota, Colombia, we can also contact local equipment providers so that they can provide all the equipment necessary to simultaneous interpretation (headsets for your guests, interpretation booths, microphones, transmitters, receivers, …) as well as technical assistance (a technician will be on stand bye to resolve any issue you may have with the equipment) to ensure your conference is a success.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, by using the quick quote link on the top righ hand side of this page, or by sending us an email with the details of your event so that we can assist you further.