Interpretation Services in over 100 languages worldwide

Why Using Our Services

At Words and Co, we work with professional and qualified interpreters to offer services tailored to our clients needs, covering multiple languages worldwide and so for a wide range of subjects.

With over 5000 linguists specialising in all sorts of fields, rest assured that we can find the right interpreter to assist your company with any language service you may require.

Our interpreters specialise in a variety of fields, including Legal, Medical, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Education, Environment, Business, Finance, Medias and many more.

Conference and Business Services Interpreting, as well as many more specialist fields such as Renewable Energy, Global Issues and Life Sciences. Our professional interpreters can assist your business with whatever interpreting services you may require.

Our top 3 most in demand Specialist Interpreters

Court Interpretation
Court Interpretation
Court Interpretation
Court hearings
Civil Litigations
Shipping Disputes
Conference Interpretation
Conference Interpretation
Conference Interpretation
Annual meetings,
Business Interpretation
Business Interpretation
Business Interpretation
Study visits,

For more information on the languages we cover, please visit our Language page.

Consecutive Interpretation

This mode is usually used for business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, commercial discussions, legal,  technical or engineering discussions, medical or court hearings or on site inspections. The interpreter listens to the speaker, often making notes, and delivers the message in the target language while the speaker pauses.

Simultaneous Interpretation

This mode is used for international conferences, critical business discussions, seminars & symposiums. In this case, there are usually two to three interpreters situated in a booth, away from the audience, who take turns to interpret at high speed, changing over every 15-20 minutes to avoid fatigue. The interpreters use headsets to listen to the message of the speaker and repeat it immediately (practically « simultaneously ») in the target language for the benefit of relevant audience members.

Whispering Interpretation

Sometimes called by its French name, “chuchotage,” this mode of interpreting is preferred for small meetings and informal settings. Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language (English, for example) and one or two delegates speak a different language. The interpreter sits beside the delegate(s) – or in the case of site visits, walks with the delegate(s) – and whispers the interpretation to him or her during the meeting.

Translation Services

Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another.
At Words and Co, we work with professional linguists who specialise in a wide range of subjects with over a hundred languages covered.
Some of the translations projects we often carry out our clients:
Brochures, Legal contracts, Power Point presentations, Certified translation, Websites, Witness statements, …

Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of converting speech (either audio or video format) into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services may be required for business, legal, or medical purposes and are often combined with a translation stage.

Some of our past transcription projects:

  • Witness statements
  • Board meetings
  • Lectures


Short delays thanks to our competent and available team, we are very reactive to meet your requirements.


Our team has many competences and experiences to ensure the most precise and accurate work.


The diversity of nationalities and backgrounds of our team ensures you a wide range of language services available.